Free diving and spear fishing equipment

Hazell's Water World Dive Shop - Diver Supply Barbados - All your equipment needs to spearfish and freedive

Whether you are a free spirit or a hunter, we got you covered.

We carry MARES long fins and spearguns, perfect for the freediver or the spearfisherman, and safety equipment such as surface buoys, SMB and reels, as well as parts like spear gun bands or wishbones.
We also sell wet-suits and rash guards from Mares, Waterproof and accessories from Marine Sports.

At Hazell’s Water World, we strongly believes customers should be able to see, feel and even try on equipment before they buy it.
Hazell’s offers great advice and tailor-made recommendations, because to them “no one diver is the same”. There are manufacturer warranties on all in-store sales and a discount on servicing of equipment originally purchased from Hazell’s.
There is also generously no charge for the assembly and testing of new equipment purchased from them.

Tax-free shopping is available to visitors (passport and airline ticket must be shown, and cruise ship passengers must show their cruise ship ID).

Carlisle Bay Marine Park is also located here – a fantastic area to practice freediving that is easily accessible from the shore.

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